Seduce a Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are by nature tend to be attractive, generous, cute, funny, skilled and optimistic. In general are pretty outgoing, friendly, rational, since they always want to know the reasons why of things. However, they have a dark side is that despite seeming very loyal, are set in other women. Infidelity is its weakest point. This does not mean that if you go with a Sagittarius man will be unfaithful to you, but you must be careful that does not happen.

I usually like to travel and see new places, if you want to surprise, invite them to an exotic trip where you can both enjoy each other's company. Also be noted that highly value their solitude, they do not mind spending some time without being with anyone. Enjoy life if others would respect your space. As much as you like, you should not harass or frighten. Show that you want, trust in him and eventually have her unconditional love.

Men tend to be dual in the sense that sometimes have a need for entertainment, and other must oblige with the need for deep or philosophical discussions. They do not usually like to give you advice, prefer to make their own decisions. In short, Sagittarians are idealists who like staying busy, are not at all possessive and jealous, like good cooking and dress up for important occasions. In sex, what matters is having fun.

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