Recently, I noticed that Ar Tonelico forums I often visited, has been suspended or removed. It has been suspended because of terms of service violation. Hmm, no wonder about that since it was a free forum hosting service, the Weezy may suspended at anytime just as I thought. One thing I worried about, where I have to find more information about Ar Tonelico and some lyrics if the Weezy was suspended. I might lost all of my posts there. But surely I will not losing you all (Aqua-kun, Thunder-kun, Lazy, LOKfanatic-kun, ect), hehehe...lalala...

However, no worry about losing the old one. The new one has been hosted. You can visit and enjoy into the new Ar Tonelico forum, Hosted with new appearance and many differences. For you who looking for everything about Ar Tonelico and some lyrics, just visit the forum. We're all happy to let you know. So, that's our new forum, okey. Feel free to enjoy it. We shall meet there, seeya.

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thundercloud82 said...


If you have any contacts for some of the old members who haven't found the new place, could you let them know about it? We're trying to get everybody back as quick as possible.

smith.g said...

Thanks for bringing this forum back. I have lost this forum as it was missing. Now i got it back. Through this forum, i want to make the people aware of the
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