Something that most annoying in my life is when someone attempt to tease me by send my multiple times of missed calls on my phone. When I sleeping well in the middle of the night, suddenly my telephone rang. I getting up from my bed and answer it, but there is no answer. That repentetive annoying calls make me mad and I can't sleep. I think someone want to pranks with me, he/she must be my enemy or someone who hates me. If I found the one who did it, I shall sing EXEC_DESPEDIA/. to give them the ultimate blast of destruction. Just kidding :D

Trying to find someone who teasing you with annoying missed calls, maybe you can try this one. This website is Caller Wiki. By this one, you can find any phone number's owner name simply by enter the phone numbers. A caller complaint also available for you. You can report caller that regarding your problems. All you need is just a phone numbers to identity who the owner of it.

Having fun is okay, but making people get irritated by multiple missed calls is really annoying and make anyone pissed. That's not about having fun, but categorized to harrassement.

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Administrator Frelia said...

There are so many mans who expect for your love, but you reject them. No wonder if they teasing you like missed call your phone everyday. Hahahaha...

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