As my friends know about me, I like so much about gaming. Even I dedicated this blog to share everything about games that I currently playing. If I usually discuss about the game Ar Tonelico with Aqua-san thuinder-san, this time may be another. Let's talk about new stuff I just found when I Googling about new released game, a card game called Herobits. Do you like to playing card game with me?

Herobits is a card-basic game (or can be sci-fi basic) from North America. This game is still pre-launched and will be launched at June 21, 2009. The background of this game is about the world of Herobits, where advanced technology and armory is the main weapon to fight and survive. Players must defend the earth from the mass destruction. That's a little summary, you can know more by visit the official site. As this game is card-basic, there are some collectible card game available. These cards can be used as trading card as well when you make a deal with another players by challenging them into card duel. The card design is also attractive with cool heroes that you can play it. If you want to see for the trading card artist, I have some replica pics designed by some Deviantart users.

Yeah, that's about game Herobits. If you interested for the nex update, don't forget to visit the forum. wanna play with me?

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