For I am a woman, perfume has an important things. I have some in various kind of perfume in my room, and most of them has a gentle scent. In addition, the perfume can also add a sense of confidence. When someone near you praise yourself and say "(snif...snif) you're sweet", your feelings will flattered. Fragrant aroma spread from your body, make the people around you feel comfortable with the fresh aroma of the perfume you used. However, perfume are not just for women. Some mens also use scent as a woman charmer. Fragrance of the perfume used indicates masculinity.

Looking for some perfumes, you can buy anywhere that many type of perfumes are purchased. But, with a perfume purchase at any store does not guarantee the origin of the perfume. It maybe an imitation or refill perfume. Just beware. If you want to know about place where you can find an original perfumes, just stop by There you can find some perfumes with high-quality.

Currently, I'm happy to using my own perfume I got from Paris 2 months ago. My friend sent it to me. I remember that she said to me "use it well, don't use this for outwitting the mens." Haha, I'm not such type of women as you just said.

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