Talk to women

If you really want to succeed with women, what you need is to talk to them in the right way. You should avoid doing what 99% of men do, when most are about a woman not have confidence in themselves, are in no meaningful eye contact and lack of social skills needed to generate attraction of an initial conversation. Do not worry, because you can learn to speak with a woman.

There are three basic types of conversation that you can maintain. The first type is known as an informative conversation. This occurs when you just simply give you information about a topic you know what your performance. Obviously, this does not generate too much attraction. The second type of conversation is known as a conversation without response. You talk about everything yourself and not allow her to speak anything. The third type of face to face conversation where you can get to attract women.

Some tips to consider when you're talking to a woman are:

  1. Maintain eye contact longer than normal.
  2. Make sure your body language reflects confidence.
  3. Do not talk too much about yourself and never boast of your job, your money or your car, because these things only communicate insecurity.
  4. Make sure you go prepared for the appointment. This will communicate that you care about their appearance.

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