How to tell if this is true love

Do you wonder sometimes if I'm the perfect combination? Here are some guidelines to help you decide if this is true love.

1. Want the best for this person? For example, if your partner has the opportunity to get a wonderful job in another city, would you be willing to make changes in your life that you could get? Love often means sacrifice for the other person. You must be realistic and reasonable and the best is to have a perfect communication between the two.

2. Do you like looking at other people? Would you like to talk to other people other than your partner? Find that your partner is not physically attractive and you do not like. It is also important to talk and not "act" when the other person needs to have something. Remember that a mental and physical attraction is very important.

3. Did you press your partner to do things you want without caring what they think or want? Please keep in mind that patience is a virtue very important condition for success, especially if what you want with that person is a long term relationship.

4. Do you help at all you can to your partner even if they are things that you share? Imagine that established as a partner before the other person has a large debt economy, would you be able to work overtime to help? If your answer is not that something is wrong.

To love another person is often a self-sacrifice and implies a strong commitment. If you're attracted to someone for whom you are not willing to be patient and share all your life, consider carefully before taking any step.

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