Mutually communicate

Communication is a vital part of any relationship, whether professional or personal. More than half of romantic relationships that "die"too soon, for lack of communication. Since the beginning of the evolution of man, communication has been the primary tool to build interpersonal relationships. The more you communicate with two people, most are able to understand, to be intimate and spend much more time together.

Men and women, could say he has a different psychological makeup causes them to have different styles of thinking. As a result, their way of communicating can be very different. Women tend to be more communicative, while most men are not so much. To create better communication between you and your partner, you need to understand these differences.

Men have a very simple way of thinking and are not too good with words (not all). So when you try to say something you should be easy to time direct.

Capture their attention before speaking
You should call your attention before speaking. If you start talking, while he is busy with something else, do not hear well, so you will not understand everything as you want. This is something mutual.

Give a chance to talk
Communication should not focus only on one side, you must give the other person a chance to speak. Not everyone thinks the same, so listen to what the other person believes is a must.

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