Dipilih2, didengerin, dari beberapa lagu Hymmnos Ar Tonelico 2 ada lagu yang keren abis. Inilah dia gw persembahkan EXEC_SPHILIA/.(sorry ya, Frelia, gw comot liriknya^^)

By : Noriko Mitose
Lyrics by : Noriko Mitose
Music & Arrange : Daisuke Achiwa
Format: Hymmnos,[English],(Meaning)

kiafa hynne mea? pagle tes yor.
[Do you hear my words? I'm speaking to you]
Fou paks ga kiafa hynne yor
[I hear your words]
kiafa sarla pagle tes yor.
[Listen to the song I sing to you]

Wee paks ga faf yora accrroad mea?
[What do you give me?]
Was yea ra pauwel en wael yor.
[I give you the power to be happy]
Wee paks ga chs mea?
[What will I do?]
(Lit: What will I become)
Echrra en chs ar dor.
[Unityy, and reconciliation with the world]
(Lit: Resonance to become one world)
Was paks ga chs na mea,
[I will become not me]
en paul yor yora harton mea …
[To feel your love for me]

Faura, cexm here,shellan mea
[Bird, come here, to my cage]
Fowrlle art fluy,presia sonwe
[Comfort in the water*, please sing]

Yorr faf, so
[You’re scared, so]
Was ki ga faf so.
[I’m scared too]

Yorr hierle.
[You are sad]
Was ki ga hierle
[Yes, i am sad]

Mea paul yor
[I feel you]
Was ki ga paul yor
[Yes, i feel you]

Yorr nille mea
[you are like me]

Yorr desfel
[you are shy]
Was ki ga desfel
[Yes, i am shy]

Yorr ween shell
[You’re hiding in a shell]
Was ki ga ween shell
[Yes, i am hiding in a shell]

Mea paul yor
[I feel you]
Was ki ga paul yor
[Yes, i feel you]

Mea nille yor
[I am like you]
Whai yorr re heighte so?
[Why were you hurt so?]
sash fwillra, ween papana
[Flurry of feathers,in the rain]
yorr rete yasra fhyu
[You forgot the gentle breeze]
En yorr re deggeez art ciel
[From being betrayed in the sky]
na fowrlle heighte
[Uncomforted wounds]
yorr rete bautifal sarla
[You forgot the beautiful song]
Kiafa hynne mea,sarla na layy
[Listen to me, the song is no lie]
Ar knawa yor
[I only know you]
vinan yor,noglle yor
[White you, black you]
Presia messe noce yor tes mea
[Please tell me your nature]

Mea irs here aulla omnis
[I have just hatched]
(Lit: I have here revealed everything)
Sarla irs sphilar aulla omnis
[The song has just hatched]
(Lit:The song in the mind has revealed everything

Whai firle hierle so?
[Why do you feel so sad?]
Ween shellan, re kyll fwal
[In the cage, forgotten dead wings]

elle nnoi na haf yasra wharn
[The first parents did not have such gentle arms]
(Lit: The first did not have gentle arms)
En mea re deggeez art ciel
[So I would forget the sky]
na siss cupla
[Indelible sin]
ides loss bautifal sarla
[The beautiful song lost long ago]

Kiafa hynne mea,sarla na layy
[Listen to me, the song is no lie]
Ar knawa mea
[You know only me]
faf mea,guwo mea
[Scared me, Resentful me]
zadius en guatrz omnis,mea
[Angry in hatred for everything, me]
Sonwe hynne yor
[Sing your words]
ces yor,vianchiel ween ganna shell
[The true you, beauty in the hard shell]
den, hartes ciel,yor
[But, you love the sky~]
Presia aulla yor tes mea
[Please reveal yourself to me]

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