Hiks hiks, this song so gloomy. Originally it Sung by Misha in first Ar Tonelico.


Faura yerwe murfun anw sol ciel.
[The little bird calls to Sol Ciel]
Faura sonwe murfun anw sol ciel ee.
[The little bird sings of Sol Ciel]
Hymmnos oz faura pomb na omunis,den accrroad
[This bird's song isn't fully born, but I give it to you]
Sos yor,yanje revm,na endia revm,yehah revm…
[For you, eternal dream, unending dream, sweet dream]

Fou hellei ga
tasyue yorr yehar elle fandel hierle
[Dedicated to you: To free you from deep sadness]
Faura sonwe presia yorr wis yehah
[The bird sings, please be happy]
ween shellan yorra accroad mea.sarla oz enne.
[From the birdcage you gave me, a song of prayer]
tittile yehah,presia yorr wis yehah,presia yanje.
[A little happiness, please be happy, please forever.]

Hyeah,whai yorra vit rol hierle?
[Hey, why do you look so sad?]
Was ki ga fowrlle yor.
[Let me comfort you]
Was yea ra accrroad sos yor
[I will give you]
rudje en rudje rosa
[Red for red rose]

yorr acra firle wael,
[It will make you feel well]
fountaina yor der rudje
[Bury you in red]
fandel rosa fandel rosa yorr infel
[many roses... So many roses I love you]
fandel rosa yorr infel
[many roses I love you]
Den,here irs ar vinan frawr,ween titillia shellan
[But, here the flowers are white, in the little birdcage]
Den na orviclle,vis ween leaff
[But there's no problem, I read in the book,]
chsee tes rudje
[Turn it red]
clalliss vinan frawr
[Color the white flower]
der sacra rol fau ween leaff
[To blood, like the bird in the book]
rosa,sos yor,tasyue
[Rose, for you, yours]

inan frawr tes rudje,rudje rol sacra
[The flower's core to red, red like blood]
sacra how clalliss
[Blood of the richest color]
celetille clallis xel marta pom mea
[Most beautiful color since my mother birthed me]
clalliss vit iem nnoini
[The first I've seen this color]

fountaina rudje rosa sos yor
[Rich red rose for you]
fountaina sacra
[Covered in blood]
weal,acra yorr chanti mea?
[Well, will you give me your blessing?]
fountaina infel
[Covered in love]
whai yorr na rippllys mea?
[Why don't you speak to me?]
fountaina,sos yor
[Covered, for you]
rippllys mes?
[Speak to me?]

Faura werlwe titilia en sonwe sos marta
[The little bird cries a little in song for mother]
Sos yor,yanje revm,na endia revm
[For you, eternal dream, unending dream]

Fou Hellei ga->i don't know what the means of this.

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