Oh smania! oh furie!... D'Oreste, d'Aiace

Akiko Shikata's song from Shadow Hearts : From The New World. This song is from an opera called Idomeneo by Mozart, by the way. The lyrics are purely in Italian language.

Oh smania! oh furie...
O rage! O fury…

Oh disperata Elettra!
O Electra, plunged into despair!

Addio amor, addio speme!
Farewell love, farewell hope!

Ah, il cor nel seno già m’ardono
Already in my breast the pitiless Furies

l’Eumenidi spietate.
are setting my heart aflame.

Misera, misera,
Wretched, wretched woman:

a che m’arresto?
what am I waiting for?

Sarò in queste contrade della gioia
Shall I stay here, to witness in my sorrow

e trionfi spettatrice dolente?
their joy and triumph?

Vedrò Idamante alla rivale in braccio,
Shall I see Idamante in the arms of my rival,

e dall’uno e dall’altra
with both of them

mostrarmi a dito?
pointing the finger at me?

Ah no; il germano Oreste
Ah no; brother Orestes,

ne’ cupi abissi io vuo’ seguir.
I will follow you into the dark abysses.

Ombra infelice!
Unhappy shade!

Lo spirto mio accogli,
Bid my spirit welcome;

or or compagna m’avrai là
now you shall have me

as your companion in hell,

a sempiterni guai, al pianto eterno.
in eternal woe, weeping for ever.


D’Oreste, d’Aiace
I carry in my breast

Ho in seno i tormenti,
the torments of Orestes and Ajax;

D’Aletto la face
Alecto’s torch

Già morte mi dà.
already brings me my death.

Squarciatemi il cuore
Tear out my heart,

Ceraste, serpenti,
you horned vipers and serpents,

O un ferro il dolore
or else a dagger shall bring

in me finirà.
my pain to an end

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