The Importance of Emergency Lights

Emergency lighting is as important as food and sanitation in times of disaster and other unpredictable emergency circumstances. Just imagine how hard it is to locate mountain climbers who fall through traps or slip down deep ravines if they do not have a shake flashlight or emergency lights or light wand. Do you think people who live in high-rise apartments will be able to properly evacuate in case of fire or disaster if their building's stairwells do not have proper emergency lighting? Indeed, people take the importance of light or electricity for granted. They only realize its significance when they are in a dark situation.

Okay, that's a little description about the importance of light in human's life. Life is unpredictable, an emergency situation could occurs at anytime and anywhere. Just take an easy example at a large building. There are a lot of rooms and paths that make a possibility to get lost. In emergency situation, everyone would have to get out quick and the whole building would need to be emptied in the shortest possible time. But when a tall building has over fifties occupied floors; the sheer numbers of people make evacuation difficult as it takes more time for occupants to evacuate by using the stairs. Hence it is imperative that adequate egress capacity and exit strategy must be available for any emergency, not just fire. Building size, population, function, and iconic status should be taken into account in designing the egress system. In this case, the glowing exit sign has an importance as an emergency lights for illuminating the right way, reducing the confusion and of course safe your life.

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