Platinum And Diamonds: Durability And Ease Of Maintenance

Everyone knows diamonds are practically indestructible, right? But, gold is one of the softest metals out there and usually diamonds are paired with in gold in fine jewelry. This can make it a puzzle on how to care for the setting to maintain the longevity of the piece, even though the diamonds themselves will last forever. The answer is platinum. More and more people are opting for platinum settings, even as gold alternative wedding bands, in their fine jewelry because of the durability as well as the ability to create modern looks.

Why It's Easier To Care For

Platinum is a much harder metal than gold. It doesn't scratch easily, and when it does there is little metal loss. This makes it easy for a jeweler to buff out any scratches. Gold, on the other hand, is very soft and can dent and scratch easily. Just daily wear will dull the gold surface and wear away metal for gold, unlike platinum. Once a piece of jewelry starts to look worn, it just doesn't have the same impact on your fashion look. Platinum lasts longer and is just easier to maintain and keep from being damaged, just by nature of the material itself.

Did You Know?

Platinum also has additional benefits. It doesn't tarnish and it won't discolor in the presence of chlorine or other chemicals. Gold, as odd as it seems, does react with chlorine at high temperatures. Platinum makes a much better choice for modern active lifestyles, particularly people involved in sports or who frequent spas.

A Word About Care

This doesn't mean that you don't have to clean platinum ever. You can use a jewelry cleaner on it to bring out the luster and shine. If you want to keep your platinum and diamond jewelry looking like new just take it for a professional cleaning every six months and it will continue to last for years.

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