How To Start Blogging Basically

Once again, I must admit that I love blogging so much. For me, blogging is a great platform for me to share all of my thoughts, aspiration, opinion, and even making money. When I finished to wrote an article in my blog, I want everyone to get notified about what I was wrote. At least I want a positive response or a little joke on it. Then, most of you who doesn't know about blogging must be have a question, "how do I start blogging?" First time when I started to blogging, that's not that hard to make a blog for free. The most interesting from blogging is an effort to think about a new content, how do I update my blog with a fresh content in order to make my visitors interested. When someone likes my blog, I'm glad too.

To start blogging, you need to create an account to a blog hosting. In this case, internet provides you many beneficial options such as a free blog hosting. Just as I said before, blogging is easy, interesting and also free. So, what should I do after signing up in one of your preferred blog hosting site? Then you get an option to decide your blog's URL. Feel free to make your own blog name in this format : Once you type it in your browser your blog page will render showing your blog entries in reverse chronological order. Never forget to put a good article of yours to attract visitors to your blogs.

After all, I'll leave it to you. Feel free to write anything on your own blog as you wish. I know you can do it as you are a creative person. Good luck.

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pertamax,,, why the first comment was say pertamax? baru saja buat blog ni saia... numpang belajar... ditunggu artikel2 selanjutnya

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