Diet pills

In the market there are plenty of other pills and slimming miracles would have us lose some kilos without much effort. Starting with the most common, have the diuretic, better known as 'quitahambre', we also find the fat burners available to everyone in pharmacies, drugstores, health food shops and even the Internet ...

But in this case, the question would be which of all for me? But rather, what effect these miracle pills? Will it be effective? What hazards to our health? And finally, many other questions, so we recommend that you never take before reading this article.

Any weight loss a fever.

The weight loss fever prevailing across the globe has led to a series of advertising campaigns rather strong and invasive, invading television, radio and Internet ads that promise miracle weight loss by effortlessly.

Most weight loss pills products claim to have diuretic effects, regulators of appetite and burn fat as well. But after several studies have shown that virtually ineffective for not combined with diet and exercise, as well as dangerous if taken without moderation.

Types of magic pills

They are classified according to the effect that supposedly occur. Notes:

Contrary to the thinking about the effect of liquids on the fat deposits, scientists have shown that they do not eliminate the extra kilos, much less fat deposits in the body. Also do not abuse them because its consumption promotes dehydration.

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