Tattoos: what do women prefer

Today, women represent 65% of the population that decides tattoo


The first is to pay attention to the tattoo artist sanitize your hands, use sterile gloves and a mask if possible. The equipment used to make the tattoo must be properly sterilized needles should be disposable, the area of skin on the drawing to be held must be previously disinfected with alcohol.

In the first instance, the tattoo artist draw the contours of the design, then clean the skin with antiseptic soap and water. Then change the needle, which should be disposable, for a more wide to begin to give more shape to the final design, then clean the skin again and begin the final process to color. You can leave a little blood, which the artist will be cleaned with a soft, disposable, sterile and antiseptic.

Once the process is clean again, they put a neutral moisturizer or Vaseline, eventually covered with a bandage. In the days following the tattooed area continues wetting in two or three days, the small bits of skin off after the ink is fixed, will fall completely and the process is ready. This type of tattoo is for life, it is true that there are procedures to try to remove tattoos, but that is a separate chapter.


The advantage of henna tattoos is that they are not permanent, eventually erased. To prepare the ink, henna leaves in water overnight, and then mixed with sugar and lemon, creating a paste after drying is used to color, the process must be repeated about 3 times to achieve good and lasting results . You can apply the pigment with a small syringe, brush or pen. After 3 or 4 hours should be removed debris with a dry cloth and just 24 hours after wetting the area can be drawn, it will remain so for 1 to 3 weeks.

Preferred by women

Firstly it is important to note that women prefer certain areas of the body to be tattooed, either because they are more feminine, suggestive or because they are easier to hide if necessary, for work or any special occasion.

The lowest part of the abdomen and back are a favorite of the girls, but also the shoulders, neck and feet.
While there are no tattoos for man or woman is certain that some designs are more associated with the feminine than others.

The ladies' favorite designs are traditional tribal or Celtic. Fairies, butterflies and dragonflies, are very feminine, mystical, romantic and sensitive.
Flowers and hearts also really like the girls. Women generally prefer color tattoos. Tattoos are also inclined to the zodiac, or the stars, stars, moons and suns.

Another of the designs that women wear long are dolphins, as we are a symbol of fidelity and family, may be one or a couple of dolphins, which generally are drawn with a shadow that represents the immensity of the sea.

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