I want to go to the sky, feel like a large-black hawk
just for life in peace, better than before

Walk along the road, and the wind is go away.
Remember a tale of the youth when I want to become stronger.
Today I fell in love and the game is just begun,
I know the road is still long, but it's already a fate.

Better than before, even better than before......

Look around the sky, whispered by the gentle breeze
The little bird is chirping for clear wind.
There's no need to worried about the future
That's why I have intended to do it better than before.

Yes, I will.........

This actually a song lyric created by my old friend. He was a wonderful person. You know, this song also have a long story in the past that used for "suppressing" Mir, the Mothervirus before her hibernation, but it was failed since the main character of the story has gone. I think it's similar something but what is it? Yeah, beats me :D

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